• Publicity
  • generating personalized publicity to northwest based media.

  • Small Business Consulting
  • Marketing Plans, Ad Creation, Customer Service. 

  • Web Sites
  • Modern Web Site Creation, Fresh & Current Designs, User-friendly Layouts, Compelling Text,
    E-Commerce Solutions, Search Engine Optimization.

  • Writing
  • Ads-Print, Radio, TV, Speeches, Newsletters, Brochures & Flyers, Press Releases, Menus & Table Tents, Website or Catalog Copy.
    Articles, Mailers, Staff Manuals.

  • Photography
  • Real Estate Flyers, Photos for Websites, Ads and Publicity.

  • Teaching
  • Seminars in Customer Service, Publicity, Marketing Plans, Ad Design.



"Taimi has worked on marketing the Fairhaven District since she and Ray opened the Colophon Cafe in 1985. Not only has she spent years garnering media publicity for the district, but she successfully united a disparate group of business owner into a very effective association. She continues to be a uniting factor in the Old Fairhaven Association, serving on the board, creating the quarterly newsletter and drafting district-wide email announcements. She created membership forms and packets, publishes the Fairhaven Guide Magazine, and lately presented a power-point to Merchants regarding district clean-up and promotions. Her personal and PR skills have been important to Fairhaven’s growth.”
Chuck Robinson, Owner, Village Books

Whatcom Artist Studio Tour

"Taimi's comprehensive expertise and hard work promoting the Whatcom Artist Studio Tour have helped make it one of our most successful to date."
Whatcom Artist Studio Tour Executive Board, 2009


“Taimi has gotten publicity for me that I never would have gotten by myself. I even got into Women’s Day magazine with her help. She knows just how to write, capturing the readers’ attention, and where to send it.”
Marie Matteson,  Licensed Massage Practitioner

"The Pacific Arts Association asked Gorman Publicity to take care of marketing the annual Blaine Jazz Festival, and we're sure glad we did. The press releases were well written, she chose good photographs and steered our marketing plan, advertising and web design in coordination with Kate Weisel to a successful completion. The two were on deadline and right on. I'd recommend their services to anyone."
Sandy Wolf,  Pacific Arts Association

"I had a call from the Herald yesterday....as a result of the press release, they want to do a feature article. Way to go!"
Hamilton Hayes, Owner, Valhalla Marine Adventures

Whatcom Artist Studio Tour

"I'm a performer and vocal coach, and I have hired Taimi to do publicity for me several times. She always gets the word out to the right venues in a timely manor, and is a fun person to work with! She's got great energy, and knows simply everyone! I definitely recommend Taimi Gorman for your publicity needs.."
Jami Templeton, Singer, Actor, Vocal Coach

"You’ve worked your magic once again. Our press release was the “Tip of the Day” on the BBJ Online News. Thanks!"
Chris Foss, Co-owner, Greenhouse

"We were so happy to see the article! Let me thank you once again for your publicity services. The press releases have done so much for our business growth. I am a firm believer in this form of promotion. Having never utilized any form of advertising or promotion (other than word of mouth) before, I was a complete novice. Now I will always value (and call on you for future) press releases! Thank You."
Amy Electra, Studio 910 Salon

"It was so much fun having lunch with you yesterday. I love how you think. You were born to be a publicist, writer, promotor, etc. You give out great words of wisdom. Thank you too for your kinds words with the book. That means a lot to me."
Renay Daniels, author, "Ten Little Bulldogs"

Small Business Consulting

Wendy Bevan, Owner, Hair by Wendy

“Because of Taimi’s extensive involvement in business, especially in Fairhaven, she is always my first recommendation to businesses looking to market themselves. Being a successful business owner, her skills are very hands on. I really appreciate her suggestions. Her playful personality puts everyone at ease, even those boring photo shoots are fun.”
Wendy Bevan, Owner, Hair by Wendy

“The marketing plan you created for our business was fast, thorough and gave us many ideas for inexpensive ways to get the word out. Many ideas of which we would not have thought of ourselves. Thanks so much for your work. This was the perfect way to start our new business, using your experience as a compass to map out our future. We have already implemented many of your ideas and with a great return.”
Denice Cook, Office Manager, HAVEN Design Group

“Taimi has a knack for finding the angle in a story that the media loves. With her help I’ve been able to publicize those things aboiut me and my business that prospective clients might find interesting. She’s even helped me with ad design. She is an effective member of my marketing team.”
Mark Brown, Winderemere Real Estate, President, Whatcom County Assoc. of Realtors

"I just wanted to thank you for your efforts helping me promote our mushroom compost project for Kiwanis and Sehome this year. We ran out of everything 2 hours early and raised $4500.  Thanks again for helping me with the poster design.  I appreciate all of your input- you're amazing! I do hope to work with you again on something in the future." 
Danielle Paskewitz, Kiwanis Marketing Intern

Web Site Creation and Updating

Jimmy Nguyen, Owner , Jimmys Personal Care Salon

"A lot of people say we have a well made web site, easy to understand and the pictures are great. Most of our customers come from word of mouth, but then they look at our website for the phone number, address and our services.  It saves me so much time. It's the best thing I've ever done for my shop."
Jimmy Nguyen, Owner , Jimmys Personal Care Salon

Jimmy Nguyen, Owner , Jimmys Personal Care Salon"We knew when we met Taimi Dunn Gorman and Karen Burroughs that they could make magic happen for our website. Between Karen's web design skills and Taimi's writing, the end result was an easy to navigate, search engine friendly, exciting marketing product that sells our mattresses and encourages visits to our 2 locations. I would recommend Bayside Web Design and Gorman Publicity to any business, new or established, as an important resource.
Joe Belleme, Owner , Sleepmasters Mattress Outlet


Don White, Owner, Skylark's Hidden Cafe"Taimi has publicized every important business event to ever happen at Skylarks, from winning awards to our expansion. She takes great pictures and writes it like a pro. I wouldn't call anyone else."
Don White, Owner, Skylark's Hidden Cafe


Taimi has been so helpful to Artwood over the years, taking fantastic pictures and doing ads when we needed them. I worked with her on the Fairhaven Association Board for about 15 years. She did all of the PR for the entire district! Her advertising knowledge and writing skills are invaluable! The amount of press she has garnered for the district over the years is huge! And still continues!!
Erica Hume, Artwood Manager


Real Estate Flyers, Photos for websites, ads & publicity
Taimi’s photography of business activity is always right on the mark for publicity and news media. Her photos and very well written business news has been on Fairhaven.com for years. I’ve watched with admiration for over 20-years, her smooth manner of successfully promoting businesses and the Fairhaven District. She knows what works and how to package it.”
John Servais, Owner, www.Fairhaven.com

“The brochure Taimi designed to market our Whistler condo to visitors has been a definite boon. She took fabulous photgraphs inside and out, and even took pictures in the village. Her writing made the place sound so great that everyone who sees it wants to stay there. I’d recommend her talents to anyone marketing a real estate property.”
Phyllis McKee, Property Developer, OFA, Past-President

"Taimi's pictures of the house were so much better than the realtor's, we were ready to hire her to sell the house. She created a flyer with just the right words. It gave prospective buyers an attractive and accurate representation of the amenities in this $1.1 million dollar home we just built. Her great writing with the pictures all added to a visual-pop in our minds-eye. She offered knowledgeable marketing recommendations, which, along with the outstanding breath-taking photo's of the house, while still in phases of construction, added life to the flyer. We couldn't be happier with the work she did, or the reasonable price she charged."
Bill & Robin Blaise, Builders


“Taimi consistently gets high praise from students for her wealth of marketing knowledge, her firsthand experience as a business owner in Belingham, and her humorous, direct presentation style. The proof that she is a great instructor, is that every time she teaches, I see an article about at least one of her students in the local paper. I can tell they have taken her advice, drafted an excellent press release, and achieved publicity success.” Katie Jensen, Community Ed Coordinator, Whatcom Community College

“I took publicity classes from Taimi early on and learned enough to do most of it myself. She teaches in a way you can understand and actually use, with examples, lists and booklets. If you have any marketing knack at all, she can hone it for you.”
Robin Robertson, Owner, Bellingham Tennis Club