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Ten Truths About Owning Your Own Business
You just thought you wanted to start your own business.

Why We Buy
Tips for display, customer service and store appearance.

Marketing Plan Essentials
Doing business without a marketing plan is a dangerous thing.

Convey the Message with Clear Communication Skills
Recognize that different people need different forms of communication.

Humor Smooths Workplace
Bringing laughs into the day improves business & attitude.

Be the Best At Customer Service
Make customer happiness a priority.

Great Marketing is Still Key to Business Success
The twelve months of Marketing

Train for Tourist Skills
Teach staff the special needs tourists have

Basic Etiquette Verging on Extinction
Business and personal manners still count.

Good Ambiance Creates Success
Business theme consistency creates customer comfort.

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Competing With Internet Stores
Owners of small businesses can compete with the big guys on things more important than price point. Want to survive in the new economy? Check out this advice. (

Proper Publicity can generate media attention for your business or event.  Here are the rules for success.
( Posted on 26. Feb, 2010

Instilling pride produces positive workers.
Seven tips to inspiring staff to greatness.

Time-tested tips for teens on becoming an adult.
Coach your teen to a good career future.

Overcome party shyness with a few good tips.
Tackle insecurity with crowd-tested techniques.

Recommended Published Books

The Career Clinic - 8 Simple Rules for finding Work you Love For those who long for their "dream job," a dose of wisdom from those who've found theirs. Notables like Helen Gurley Brown, Dave Barry, and Taimi Dunn Gorman offer their wisdom and insights into finding your perfect job.